The Ontario Four Horse Hitch Series becoming the most recognized draft horse event in Canadian history. Weighing in at one ton each, the gentle giants of the equine world are dressed in patent leather and chrome harness, accentuated by mane flowers, mane rolls, and tail bows. Skilled drivers navigate their powerful teams of Clydesdale, Shire, Percheron, and Belgian horses pulling traditional wagons around the ring.

While the Budweiser Clydesdales might be the best-known of the great draft horse hitches, commercial and hobby hitches have a long, rich history around the globe. For centuries, draft horses have been used to perform a variety of tasks. From clearing and plowing fields to pulling heavy wagons and hauling logs in forests, the draft horse has always risen to the occasion, earning respect and admiration along the way.

And despite their sometimes-intimidating bulk, the draft breeds are blessed with docile dispositions.

The strength, beauty, and gentle temperament of the draft horse create a winning combination of equine excellence. Feel the thunder of these gentle giants as they rumble around the ring. The Ontario Four Horse Hitch Series offers the beauty, grandeur, and sheer power of today’s draft horses.


It not only takes countless hours of dedication and determination, but it also takes a special spirit to hitch draft horses. The Ontario Four Horse Hitch Series will invite 10 members who have accumulated the highest points to the finals where a champion will reign. 

The coveted finals will be held at the Triple Crown Draft Classic. It is a chance for each member to earn the title of provincial champion and be recognized by their peers. Don’t miss this high-stakes, final celebration.


Our goal is to encourage participation in hitching through qualifying shows. We seek to promote and create a love of the sport, as well as a true appreciation and understanding of draft horses.