Banner that reads: Thanks to the generosity of Nature's Wave Inc. Eberglo and host shows across the province, over $55,000 in prize money was paid out to members in 2023.

It not only takes countless hours of dedication and determination, but it also takes a special spirit to hitch draft horses. The Ontario Four Horse Hitch Series will invite 10 members who have accumulated the highest points to the coveted finals. Don’t miss this high-stakes, final celebration on Friday, October 11, 2024 at the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show. It is a chance for each member to earn the title of provincial champion and be recognized by their peers.

Membership Information

Who can compete in qualifying Ontario Four classes?

  • Anyone with a four-horse draft horse hitch can participate, regardless of location (Canada or US). However, all qualifying shows (where you earn points) are held in Ontario.
  • Important: You must be a member of the Ontario Four to compete in the qualifying classes. Fairs will have a list of members and will check to see if you’re in good standing. If you still enter the class and are not a paid member, the respective fair will automatically deduct your membership fee from your total prize payout. The points from that class will not count towards the standings.

When is a hitch eligible to collect points?

  • The 2024 qualifying season runs from July 20th, 2024 to October 6th, 2024.
  • Points accumulated after October 7, 2024 will be applied towards the 2025 Series.
  • The 2024 Ontario Four Finals will be hosted in partnership with the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show on Friday, October 11, 2024.

How do you get invited to the Ontario Four Finals?

  • Points are accumulated by competing in qualifying shows and are determined by your placing.
  • The 10 members accumulating the highest points during the 2024 qualifying season are eligible to be invited to compete in the Ontario Four Finals (championship).
  • If any top teams decline the invitation, it is at the discretion of the Ontario Four committee whether to invite the next highest-scoring members.

How will I know the results?

  • The Ontario Four will track and post results online through their website and social media channels.

How do you determine who gets invited to the Ontario Four Finals in the event of a tie?

  • In the event of a tie for 10th place, the hitch that participated in the most number of classes will be invited. This is to support our goal of increasing participation at Fairs.

How are payouts determined?

  • The minimum premium money for each qualifying class is $1,750 and will be paid out completely regardless of how many hitches are in the class.
  • When you enter both the Ontario Four and qualifying classes, your personal information will be collected to ensure secure payouts for the winners.
  • The total prize money for the Finals will depend on how many members join, how many shows participate, and how much sponsorship is secured. 


  • The Ontario Four committee can disqualify any team for poor sportsmanship. Reinstatement will be at the discretion of the committee members.

How do I become an Ontario Four member?

  • All Ontario Four Horse Hitch Series participating exhibitors must pay a $100 entry fee for the 2024 season. If you only have a team of draft horses, you can hitch with another team ($50 entry per team). The due date for memberships is July 1, 2024.
  • A late membership fee of $200 will apply if paying after July 2, 2024. There will be no exceptions in 2024.
  • Membership fees can be paid by email money transfer (EMT) to using the following password: fourhorsehitch or by mail to:

Peter Maher
2630, 9/10 Sideroad
RR#1 New Lowell, ON L0M 1N0

*Please note Ontario Four on the reference line

Do I need liability insurance to be a member?

  • Each fair that is hosting a qualifying Ontario Four class sets the minimum liability insurance amount in their rule book, so be sure to check before you go.